Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gala Invitation for The International House at University of California, Berkeley

For the annual gala at the I-House at UC Berkeley I suggested we create enticement with the invitation. Rather than the more commonly used folded card layout, I designed a poster that will be printed on a delicate but environmentally friendly newsprint. Each recipient will open a beautiful blue envelope to find the image of a starry sky peeping out at them. The unfolding of the poster to find the final invite on an 11 x 17 poster is all part of the experience of the piece. The design itself is inspired by an I-House logo that includes a globe and the organization's tenets: friendship, respect, understanding, tolerance, and peace.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Team Clem Emblem and T-Shirt

I have an amazing group of friends who have become part of our family. The Hawaiians have a perfect word for such a thing: 'ohana. One of our 'ohana is in battle and I wanted to create an emblem for all of us to wear our love and support. The hippo is Clem's favorite animal because it lives amongst many other animals peacefully. They will, however, be fierce when necessary, even known to take out alligators if need be. It is time to be fierce.