Friday, July 4, 2014

Prune Restaurant Website has Launched!

Houston we have liftoff. It's official, the Prune website has launched! I have been working with my amazing, uber-talented, wonderful, beautiful friend Cynthia Warren on the website for Prune Restaurant in New York City. The owner of Prune, Gabrielle Hamilton, is coming out with a new cookbook this year following her memoir Blood, Bones and Butter, and she was ready for an update to their website.

Our design parameters included an existing logo, a color family, and a font created from Gabrielle's handwriting. The whole team was clear that we wanted a site that felt like human hands had created it and far from a digital, impersonal experience. Cynthia and I used the front of Prune's building as our inspiration. We riffed off of the Victorian details of the storefront for the layout, and thereby created a sense of place. Our intent is that visitors feel as though they are getting a peek into Prune Restaurant.

GH is a straight-shooter, power-house of a woman. It was very much an honor to work with her on this project. 

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