Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fishkill Farms Brochure and Poster

Solstice Press has done an amazing job printing the Fishkill Farms brochure and poster. This is the image they have posted on Instagram. Can't wait to pick them up and see them with my own eyes!

Luke's Local Delivery Logo


Early last year, Luke Chappell of Luke's Local Delivery came to me to design a new logo for his delivery business. He was not sure what he wanted but it needed to be genuine and timeless.

After much brainstorming, I came up with the idea of using a fox for the mark. In my research I found, that in alchemy, the fox was considered the cultivator of the Elixir of Life. In Northern Native American tribes the fox is considered a noble messenger. This was perfect symbolism for Luke's company because it felt in line with his philosophy. He considers it very important to run a company that is values-driven, that is environmentally sustainable and is good for the local economy. (His parents are well known for such ethical business practices, Tom and Kate, who founded Tom's of Maine, in 1970.)

As for the style of the mark, Luke decided on a woodblock feel. Because I do not consider myself an illustrator, this was outside of my comfort zone. Of course, being in that zone always ends up being the best experience for a designer, and Luke was very happy with his new logo!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Prune Restaurant Website has Launched!

Houston we have liftoff. It's official, the Prune website has launched! I have been working with my amazing, uber-talented, wonderful, beautiful friend Cynthia Warren on the website for Prune Restaurant in New York City. The owner of Prune, Gabrielle Hamilton, is coming out with a new cookbook this year following her memoir Blood, Bones and Butter, and she was ready for an update to their website.

Our design parameters included an existing logo, a color family, and a font created from Gabrielle's handwriting. The whole team was clear that we wanted a site that felt like human hands had created it and far from a digital, impersonal experience. Cynthia and I used the front of Prune's building as our inspiration. We riffed off of the Victorian details of the storefront for the layout, and thereby created a sense of place. Our intent is that visitors feel as though they are getting a peek into Prune Restaurant.

GH is a straight-shooter, power-house of a woman. It was very much an honor to work with her on this project. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fishkill Farms Brochure and Poster Sneak Peek

Very excited to see New York's Hudson Valley Fishkill Farms brochure and poster go to press today! This is a sneak peek at the poster side of the brochure. My wonderful client, Josh Morgenthau, wanted the classic tri-fold brochure for his farm. He came up with the fantastic idea to have it unfold to an 11 x 17 poster on the flip side. I designed the poster to have the seasonal timeline for all of their pick-your-own orchard crops. We wanted the poster to be both luscious and sleek. The challenge was to have graphics that made sense but did not overwhelm the image as a whole. Can't wait to see the final printed pieces!